It’s always sad when a treasured Steam day on the wall fails to happen but we can still bring you the tour with Diesel rather than news of a cancellation. After Colin’s photo from this morning we now have Nick’s superb shots taken from the cliffs at Teignmouth.

First up is the Torbay Express emerging from Parsons Tunnel underneath Holcombe. It’s always worth a walk along from Teignmouth and up the steep hill of Smugglers Lane.


Next Shot has the Torbay Express beginning to pass Sprey Point. If you have passed on a train you will see the giant Teignmouth sign.



Fantastic new viewpoint for us as the Torbay Express continues to snake past Sprey Point and its long access ramp to the beach.


The final shot from Nick as 66093 gets closer to Teignmouth.



The footage taken from San Remo & Blenheim cameras of today’s pass.

A couple of shots to finish off as 66093 passes Blenheim and then Mount Pleasant cameras.

Screenshot 2016-07-24 17.47.14

Screenshot 2016-07-24 17.49.36

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