The early running 6201 Princess Elizabeth caught quite a few people out, me included! I intended to be nearer Langstone Rock but had to settle for just beyond the Rockstone Bridge on the sea wall. No sun today but “Lizzie” still looked immaculate in the LMS Crimson Lake livery. The nine coach load had obviously been no problem for the engine which had been designed to cope with 15 coach expresses over the Pennine hills on the West Coast route to Scotland. After starting 5 minutes late from Plymouth it soon made up the time and by Newton Abbot it was eleven minutes early which made it possible to miss out the pathing stop there which was to allow the following Paddington train to overtake it. Consequently it was thirtyone minutes early through Dawlish.


I have enclosed my short video though I am sure you will see a longer one from Roger who was filming with his more professional camcorder from the footbridge.

It was very disappointing to hear that three of the last four steam specials for this year have been cancelled due to the unavailability of locomotives. The one that is remaining is The Royal Duchy” on October 2nd. Let’s hope they find an engine for that one.


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