Good evening. Here are your Dawlish weather and tide times for the weekend.


Today will follow the theme of previous days. A lightly cloudy day in general with increased winds. Some sunny spells appearing mid to late afternoon.

Winds: S 18-22mph
Temp: 18C
Pollen level: Low
UV: Low
Sunrise/sunset: 07:04/19:06

Tide times:

High  00:03 – 3.04m
Low 06:17 – 1.02m
High 12:38 – 2.98m
Low 19:03 – 1.11m


A sunny but chilly start to the day, showers developing early afternoon.

Winds: W 10-14mph
Temp: 17C
Pollen level: Low
UV: Low
Sunrise/sunset: 07:06/19:04

Tide times:
Low 01:25 – 2.74m
High 07:41 – 1.28m
Low 14.09 – 2.8m
High 20:44 – 1.23m

Have a good weekend!

Michelle McDonald, UK South West Storm Chasers.

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