Leaving Birmingham International at 0540 this is certainly a long day for those on board. The train’s destination is Penzance which makes for a 61/2 hour journey for a few hours before returning. The Locomotives were changed from those originally booked to 68001  Evolution and 68022 Resolution who topped and tailed the train.

Colin was on the wall for the first pass as 9.30 this morning.

Sadly i have lost the files for the down journey past DB but we have a clip from Sam and the return footage in the video. I do love the way the lights appear on the locos when filmed.

Sam catching the Northern Belle at Worle



As alway’s Colin was out and took these shots for us to share. On the run down DRS 68001 “Evolution” was leading this lovely set of Pullman coaches. The “Posh Nosh” as they are known by the railway enthusiasts. Seen here rounding the curve at Langstone Rock and coming on to the Dawlish sea wall proper.


The return in very poor light at 7pm saw the other loco in the top and tail formation DRS 68022 “Resolution” leading the way back to Birmingham. DRS currently have 25 of these locomotives which are powered by a 16 cylinder 3800hp Caterpillar diesel engine and are equally at home on freight or passenger trains. First introduced in 2014 they have proved to be remarkably reliable. DRS have another seven on order which will be sub let to Transpennine trains for passenger train use. Six are also sub let to Chiltern Railways and are used on their Marylebone to Birmingham Moor St. express services. where they operate at speeds up to 100mph





A sneaky inclusion of the 57 on the Saturday special. I believe we have one week left before this service finishes for the year


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