Thank you to everyone for the feedback since the major upgrade at the weekend.

Most problems lay with which browser people are using so please see the post from yesterday about browser compatibility.

We’ve now added a Previous Player Button on all the single camera pages. This is for those subscribers that can’t get the new players to work.


Clicking on Previous Player will take you to a page with the previous version of the player.

Also on the dual cam pages, they now default to real time stream and have a rewind button if you wish to use the rewind facility. This will also help keep the tracker in time.


Finally, we are testing a quad cam option for the Platinum subscription. It’s available for all subscribers to test until the end of January 2017. You will need a fairly powerful computer and fast broadband to run it so we don’t expect it to work for all people especially if your computer struggles with dual screen. Please let us know your thoughts on quad cam.

Dual cam and Quad cam aren’t compatible with mobile devices although some subscribers have got it working.





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