Work has commenced on the installation of San Remo Cam II.

Today we have removed the old camera for repair and started the ground works to move the new camera closer to the railway and the sea.

The new camera has a slightly wider angle like the Blenheim Cam but is far superior in low light conditions.

I have spent most of the day testing the original camera along side the new camera and I believe we will have better sunrises, better night time conditions and as the angle is wider we will see more rail, sea and sky.

Also because of the wide angle we can aim it up slightly which means it should not need cleaning so often. The Blenheim Camera cleans itself due to the angle and has only been cleaned twice in as many years.

Even though the original camera is only 3 years old, technology moves on so fast that it was time to upgrade.

The new camera is scheduled to be installed this Saturday and will go live once the new ISP has activated the fiber line.

We will update yo as we receive news.

Apologies once again for the outage of San Remo but we think you’ll like the replacement.

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