We recently applied to transfer our Internet Service Provider to another company. As a result, they have accidentally cut off our services and a left us without internet at San Remo Terrace.

We are obviously horrified by this and are doing what we can to get the service running again as soon as possible.

While this work is being undertaken we have made the decision to upgrade our camera to one of the most advanced cameras of it’s type with better night vision and a wider angle. It should also provide better definition for sun rises and general viewing. We also need to relocate our support pole for the camera which should give us an even better view along the railway line.

We do hope that you will bear with us and that the improvements will be welcomed once the update is complete.

Sadly the issue has been forced upon us rather than it being part of a planned upgrade but we thought it would be the ideal time to get everything dealt with in one period.

As some of you may be aware the current camera has an issue with the sound and there is a constant buzzing sound. We will be sending this away for repair.

The extra bonus is that once our current camera has been repaired we will have a spare to expand again in the not too distant future.

Many thanks for your understanding

Neil and Simon

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