For a change of view I went to Cockwood Harbour near Starcross to photograph the returning empty cement tanks. Luxury viewing today as someone had kindly left an old chair there and done a bit of hedge trimming. If only the safety elf hadn’t insisted on erecting a pretty pointless fence on the embankment a few years ago, which spoils the classic view it used to be. However I was only there for 15 minutes during which time two GWR HST’s and a Cross Country HST, a local DMU service and the Colas freight passed. Not bad for general railway interest.

GWR 43017 named “Hannahs” heading for Plymouth. Unfortunately I just missed the moment  the miniscule Martians landed on the camper van roof.


Mud glorious mud…….but no Hippo’s wallowing in it today.


The XC 125 was on it’s way down to Plymouth from Edinburgh. The passengers no doubt delighted it hadn’t been a Voyager service.

The aforementioned home comforts

And finally the video. The unfortunate part about filming at this location is the road traffic noise from the A379. Sod’s Law being what it is requires there to be a constant stream of passing traffic just when you don’t want it!


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